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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Under this document, the Privacy policies of the company Ugly Christmas Sweaters, Australia are stated. By accepting our terms and conditions, you are allowing us to use, store and obtain personal data. We have the sole right to amend any of the terms as and when necessary without prior information. By continuing to use the website, you are agreeing to the amended terms as well. We, therefore, request you to visit this page regularly to be informed of amendments.

Personal information obtained by Ugly Christmas Sweaters, Australia

  1. Name
  2. Age
  3. Address
  4. DOB
  5. Social media information
  6. Contact number
  7. Credit/Debit/ATM or other payment information
  8. Data from surveys, questionnaires, etc.
  9. Information on your personal choices
  10. IP address, user information, device type, etc., other basic online data
  11. Third party data and promotional information
  12. Online forms or other documents where you provide us with your data

Mode of gathering personal data

We use third party applications to gather information after you have permitted us to:

  1. Direct contact with us
  2. SMS, phone, Email, social media platforms like – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  3. Online forms.
  4. We are also able to gather information on you by your pattern of using our website. We also use cookies, analytical software, and other modes of supervision. You can also delete cookies from the browser.
  5. Through financial transactions.

Accessing and using your private data

We use the data obtained from you for the following purposes:

  1. To provide you with information
  2. To maintain records and perform administrative functions
  3. To comply with the legal obligations and maintain the relationship with third parties
  4. To provide the information to our staff, vendors, delivery services, executives, third parties, etc.
  5. To improvise customer service relationships
  6. To provide you with advertisements that might interest you. We also use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, etc. for targeted marketing from our end. You can unsubscribe to stop getting the messages.
  7. To give you notifications, security alerts, announcements, etc.
  8. To gain job information from you

We might share your data with our third parties, cloud services, suppliers, etc. for enhanced customer experience. Our privacy policies are strict and we maintain those at every point to avoid data theft or abuse.


We take absolute measures to keep personal data from any unauthorized access or data abuse. Information management systems used by us are extremely secured with various levels of encryption. Besides, we also use reliable administrative and technological security for added measures. Nevertheless, we do not agree to the non-disclosure of your data.


Links to other websites are available on our website. These are provided for additional details. We do not revise or remove any such references. We also do not take the responsibility of privacy terms of other websites displayed on the Ugly Christmas Sweaters website. It is recommended to visit such websites and read the privacy terms before agreeing to any.

Request to obtain or alter your personal information

If you wish to see the personal information we have of yours, please mail us your name and contact information. We will recheck the data before sending you. If you wish to make any corrections, you can do so using the same method. Certain information of yours cannot be handed in for legal reasons. We will convey the details in case that happens. Please allow us the necessary time to provide you with your data.


If you have any complaints, please mail us your issues. We will get back to you with due answers within a substantial period.

Contact us

Please mail us at Ugly Christmas Sweaters, Australia for personal data, privacy concerns, queries, corrections, or even if you wish to file a lawsuit.