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Schitt's Creek Christmas Sweater


Schitts Creek Christmas Sweater

The casts of Schitt’s Creek are known for their amazing variety in sweaters. This includes ugly Christmas sweaters, which can be influenced by the show!

  • At first, you might not be able to tell that the colors of red and green make up David’s signature eyes. But when they come together on a sweater in Schitt’s Creek Ugly Sweater Night Club fashion show format it becomes clear as can be! And there are plenty more where this came from if your ugly-sweater features anything besides just an email or Facebook post about how much we miss our TV dad who left us way too soon…
  • When you want to lighten up a little bit on the Schitt’s Creek Christmas sweater, it is time for some adult humor. For example look out for sweaters that say “oh schitt! It’s Christmas” If your trying hard not be like everyone else and enjoy this holiday in peace then go with sweaters featuring David’s classic line “I’m trying very hard not connect with people right now.” Or if all inhibitions get shed just pick any pullover saying ‘be-beh its cold outside.’
  • The ugly Christmas sweater is a staple of the season. With so many different varieties to choose from, you are sure to find one that will suit your personality and dress code this year!
  • Despite the many options for winter sweaters, Schitt’s Creek has been able to provide a smile on every face and lots of laughter. It’s officially licensed products are not only witty but also full with happiness!
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